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In the frame of our first call for proposals, we offer a non-compulsory individual consultation for each project idea. They are available until 11 February 2022, and you can request yours directly from this applicant community. Simply follow the steps below.

Post your project idea

To make the most of your single consultation, your idea should be already in a mature stage. Describe the challenge you are trying to solve and what solution your transnational cooperation will bring. Be clear, concise and to the point. Your idea is the basis for the consultation! When you are ready, post the idea in the "Browse Ideas" section of this community. 

In case you wish to keep your project idea unpublished, please let us know at info@interreg-central.eu.

Request your consultation

Now you are only a few clicks away from requesting your individual consultation with us. Go to the "Consultations" section and click on the "Request Consultation" button. Fill in the short form, including your 3 preferred dates for the consultation and submit. We will come back to you with a time slot within a few days.

Prepare for your consultation

You have put a lot of thought into drafting your project idea. Make sure that you make the most of your consultation, come prepared! In the beginning, you will be given time to summarise your idea. Rehearse your speech and prepare your questions. When the date of your consultation comes, log in and go back to the "Consultations" section. There you will find your appointment.

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